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Nany Pupo-Haichi

Handling+grooming Katerina Paspari

Handling  +   grooming


  Faraon BISj.

  res.BIS with Chyr Cacho from Czech rep.


  with Nany Pupo Haichi

  Quizy Easter Lady Anarion

 Quizy Easter Lady Anarion

  Quizy Easter LA

  Quizy Easter LA

  European dog show in Bratislava, with male Dandy Boy Bohemia Acro, he got  Excl. 1 , CAJC, European Junior Winner

 with shih tzu male Dandy Boy Bohemia Acro + female C' Stavros girl Bohemia Acro res.couple BIS

 speciality show for BIS with pug

 BIG  with Pug

  with Dandy Boy Bohemia Acro

  with Malibu Sua Sponte


   with ' Kiki '   C' Stavros girl Bohemia Acro



  Ice Dancer Sable Blues     owner    Yiannos Andreou

   Justina Sable Blues     owner   Yiannos  Andreou

  Ugashik Premium Bohemia   owner Monica Andreou

  Pea Star Franke

  for BIS with 9 months old female Afgan. BOG 

 photos before  grooming  and after